Green Oak Planters - What to Expect

Please be aware that the colour of the oak will change overtime and is a reason why green oak is our timber of choice.  Green timber is unseasoned and relatively recently cut. Sap and tannins are still present in the wood and its the tannins that create the aged grey we are looking for.


As the timber drys the tannins in the oak will react with water and leave marks on the boards.  This is the start of the greying process and in time this stops and the colouring remains even.   


In the meantime the marks may run onto the frame but will wipe off with water but be mindful of light coloured pavers beneath the planter. If a mild household detergent fails here an oxcylic solution can be be used.

The timber will shrink as it drys especially in the summer months but not so much as to effect the integrity of our planters 


The boards will likely swell  to some degree in winter too and this movement of timber is accommodated by keeping the steel and timber separate.